What do when the energy is wonky

Jul 26, 2019money

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Yesterday was such a crazy day energy-wise that you may still be feeling the effects of it. 

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Prayer, Meditation, Petitions, Call in the Angels….choose the method you connect with best
  2. Grounding  essential oil…Cedarwood is great or Valor from Young Living or Balance from DoTerra
  3. Music…you can either go for something soothing or if you need to release some energy, listen to something that will help you do that and follow it up with something calming

Now that your Central Nervous System  is under control, you can get the mental side under control. 

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. At this moment, do I have a roof over my head? 
  2. At this moment, are my loved ones safe? 
  3. At this moment, do we have food?

Now, for each of your worries or concerns, ask these questions from Byron Katie:

  1. Is this true? (usually, the answer is NO or “No, it’s not yet but it could be” and then you ask the next question…
  2. Can I absolutely know this is true? (Most of the time this is a NO as well. Once it’s a NO, you can keep reminding yourself that this is an old behavior where your mind fabricates fears)

And last… clear the energy using your favorite clearing method.

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