Call back in the financial security, the lowered (ERASED!) debt, the tickets for the trips you want to take.


Call back in the clients again. 

Get the raise.

Secure the job.

It’s possible.


They’re not gone.


They didn’t decide you weren’t the one for them.


But there is something else going on.


Your energy is stifled and clogged. And your smudging isn’t working. This is a job for a 10-year veteran in the field of energy work.


I’m Robin.


And you are experiencing what we call Energy Stagnation. But don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Even to those of us that regularly clear and/or smudge.


This is energy work on a different frequency.


What happens is some things respond better to shamanic work, others reiki, or different forms of magic or even prayer.


All in all, it’s energy manipulation that gets things unstuck.


And if you’ve been doing your clearing or have been burning sage or other plants to get clear again, but it isn’t helping, you need a Road Opener to unlock that portion of your frequency.


Road Openers help:


  • Ideas and creativity flow again
  • Make you “visible” to clients again
  • Your energy levels peak
  • You FEEL alive again
  • Dissolve hate, resentment, anger that jacks your ability to manifest your own goodness
  • Dissipate jealousy, greed, and envy that people often send back to us

Each month, there’s a new topic.  

It’s usually money-related, but the fact is, if your money is being affected by your energy, so are other parts of your life. So, while money is the road we open, your energy in other areas of life are opened as well when this work is done. 

LIFE? Becomes vibrant again.


Because a Road Opener unleashes the pent up energies, the hexes, the curses, the negative energies, that tend to jam up the frequency so that what you’re sending out, comes right back to you, instead of hitting the Universal waves of manifestation goodness that you need flowing around you.



Who needs a Road Opener?

  • Anyone who wakes up and smudges and does an energy clearing, but they still feel crappy when the smoke clears
  • Anyone who does an energy clearing and smudging before bed, but still doesn’t sleep worth a damn
  • Anyone who feels like they are swimming against the tides all day long
  • Anyone who has stopped feeling their creative flow
  • Anyone has seen their business or their relationships dry up and wither, almost into dust


How many times have you seen a thermometer that you stick to your forehead? It’s measuring the biofeedback of your skin temperature.

An electromyography machine measures muscle tension through biofeedback.

And neurofeedback is information transmitted via machines that measure your brain wavelengths.


Everything is rooted in our frequency of our wavelengths.




Back in the late 1920’s, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife came up with a machine that generates frequency. He treated patients, who had been diagnosed, with cancer with his frequency generator.

100% of the patients who had been treated with the machine had been cured, supporting the theory that the body strives to maintain a proper frequency balance.

And I’m sure you’ve seen the Solfeggio and other frequency videos on YouTube that are designed to help you stay focused, concentrate, etc. Because our brains and bodies can be readjusted with them.

So. If you’re not getting results from your own clearing attempts or from the smudging you’re doing, the chances are you’re missing the frequencies that your body is struggling to maintain.


During a Road Opener, you will be giving me permission to enter your space and to manipulate your energy frequency and I will do that armed with my pendulum and my 10-years of energy work.

So…if you have any evil eyes on you from jealous colleagues or curses that you might have even put on yourself? Or if you’ve been hexed or have some random energy clogging your energy field, we’ll be able to clear it out and get you on the path to clarity, energy, and earning again.

Now. That said. This is being held live and while I’d love for you to be there, there will be a recording for anyone who sees they need this and opts-in to this program.

But! If you show up live, you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions.

What actually happens

We meet via Zoom on the selected date (you’ll get an email with the deets).
I do cleansing work that completely transforms the chaos-inducing energies into energies of flow and power via my own tools, expertise, and pendulum.

I work to undo and counter all hexes, spells and curses.

I work this road opening so your path to the money you want comes to  you free and clear.

There is no Facebook group for this. Only the live event for the session you’re attending. The recording will be sent no later than 48 hours after the event.

Upcoming Road Openers:
September: Reframe Debt So You Can Get Out of It
October: You can have money even if you don’t feel worthy
November: Dissolve parental money beliefs
December: Stop overgiving (without feeling guilty)


You’re ready to feel free and clear of this fog. I get it.



If you do this, know that you will be:

  • Amplifying your ability to call in the money you want and need coing in quickly and more efficiently
  • Giving you greater clarity of mind, a step you HAVE to have to create financial security and wealth
  • Restore your faith in yourself and your ability to call in the money your dreams need in order to become a reality
  • Offers you clarity around blocks and other sabotaging behavior that you are likely unconscious of
  • And opens the road to calling in the money you need to have the things you want


No more:

  • Feeling like Eeyore, like you can’t get your emotions under control
  • Wishing you had a solution for what’s going on in your business
  • Trying to fit your excuses into the agenda

The Monthly Road Opener IS the path THROUGH the fog.  

The Monthly Road Opener, opens the road to faster, more effective money work for as little as $97.

The next Road Opener is scheduled for September 27th at 8pm NY time

We’ll being clearing road so you can get the breakthrough you need so you not held back by debt.

Days until doors close








Road Opener FAQ

Robin, I already get Juju, do I need a Road Opener?

Juju is completely different than Road Openers. Juju does not offer hex and spell removals, so that makes this session more specialized just for opening paths.

Hey, I’ve got some Demon Extractions booked with you for home and business, do I need Road Openers, too?

Demon Extractions are for demon removal (physical and emotional ones!). Road Openers are cleansing and purifying. So they are two different things and serve two separate purposes. If you need the way cleared for you to do something, Road Openers are bushhog you need to clear it all out.  

What can I expect to happen with this Road Opener Session?

You can expect things to clear out of your way so you can do the magic you need to do, whether it’s manifesting or something else…in other words, it’s like putting out the candles and flowers for your spouse, so you can ask for that Lexus you want.

Robin, is this a group thing that goes on monthly like Juju or Demon Extractions?

Road openers are one off sessions that are held periodically depending on hits I get intuitively. They are not ongoing or group type programs.

Who is this woman??

I’m Robin Jonna Rosenhaus, Energy Worker/Healer and Manifestation Accelerator. I help bold, powerful businesses create the energetic, mental, and emotional space they need to call in the greater levels of success and higher quality of life they seek.

I do this via 1:1 coaching and support.

Clients I work with start out as successful (and overworked) professionals, but are able to quickly evolve their lives into the visions in their heads.

I’ve also facilitated the manifestation of over $11M dollars, homes, happy spouses, and more.

Clear your money crap and begin calling you the dreams you dream each night.

I look forward to watching the videos again. The course was powerful, the results tangible. Can’t wait for the next road opener!


I really valued everything you covered and look forward to being able to attend the next one live!


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