Manifesting requires a certain clarity of your energy.

Without that clarity, your results are a little to the left (or maybe a lot!) of what you want.

You can curb that with weekly energy clearings to help you keep yourself, your family, your pets, your surroundings, your home, and your belongings free of anything energies that come calling from who knows where.

Even if you’re a die-hard sager, you can still miss the things that matter.

I’m here to make sure you don’t.

Because when you have another layer of security in place, nothing falls through the cracks.

So I’ll be here, non-invasively in your life, wielding my energy sword and helping you, while you do what you normally do.

What happens when you have me as a line in your defense system:

You feel better because you have someone behind you clearing out the gunk for you
You manifest more and more easily and MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT because the lines of communication and action with the Universe are open and running smoothly
Your interactions with those you love will be more fulfilling and rewarding because you are present and not being sapped of energies that sometimes latch onto you, unbeknownst to you
You wake up feeling refreshed and vibing on the end of the spectrum that the Hermetic Laws require you to vibe on, in order to manifest the good stuff

The possible outcomes are literally limitless.

And the best part is, this won’t take any more of YOUR time. I won’t bother you with questions, emails, or details. I’ll just go in and handle your energy once a week, so that you are free and clear without further commitments.

Past clients that have allowed me to work with their energy have experienced:

  • Less anxiety so they were able to narrow their views of what’s really happening around them
  • Less body pain because those energies are no longer present in their lives
  • More ease moving through the day-to-day stuff since no one’s extra energies are weighing them down
  • A calm serenity without all the negative vibe interfering in their space
  • Smoother relationships because extra frequencies and energies tend to really put a damper on them
Some of what I clear for you is:

  • Negative effects of clearing emfs–those nasty little energies that your electronics put out and mess with your energy field, your body, and your central nervous system. This clearing can reduce the negative effects.
  • Negative effects of mass consciousness–no more following the crowd, being able to discern the truth from popular opinion so that you can be more confident in yourself and your decisions.
  • Getting all the members of the household aligned with their ideal frequency as well as the frequency of prosperity so that you can bring in and have more money.
  • Beliefs and programs that are adversely affecting your prosperity, self-esteem, relationships. Clearing these can result in more more, more confidence, and better relationships.
  • Negative effect of astrological influences (yes, that includes Mercury retrograde)
  • Keep your profits coming in or call in even more with Business Juju (now included in personal juju, as well!). Because when it comes to your business, you can’t afford jealous energy from competition, family or anyone else.

This is not a replacement for doing your physical, spiritual, emotional, and energetic work.

This is support that acts more like performance enhancing supplements…only it’s legal and not harmful!

You have two options to sign up:

Monthly subscription service $25/month that can be canceled at any time
Pay for the year up front (non-refundable) $275 (1-month free)

***Resurrect Your Juju is a group clearing.  For this program I do not personally tap into individual energies, but I direct the energy to go where each individual needs it. For a more personal, in depth session, book a Demon Extraction Session.***

it is NO coincidence that after I signed up for juju, a lot of stuff started moving.
It made my personal work on myself a lot easier.  JuJu Participant

Wow! I have no idea when you do your juju stuff, however I’m feeling really good today…like ME! 💕 JuJu Participant

The blessings and transforming has been beyond my wildest dreams…even my husband is saying it JuJu Participant

I feel a difference since I joined your resurrect your juju.
There is a marked difference in all three of us. JuJu Participant

I feel like my energetic body is thinner in the abs / stomach area, joints feel easier JuJu Participant

Meet the Manifestation Accelerator & Emotional Demon Slayer
Happy belongs to you. And it’s on its way. Whether it’s a man or money or the goodness of Mayhem…it’s yours. All you have to do is accept and exhale.

I’m Robin Badler, Emotional Demon Slayer and Manifestation Accelerator.

I work with women of power and presence who have heard the whispers long enough and are ready to shut them the hell up.

As a manifestor, I was able to wipe out $250K+ debt (that I actually manifested in the first place, more on that later), obtain new cars and houses all through the techniques I use in my life, every day.

I’ve also coached clients into…….
Some of the largest income months to date, an acting role in a Hollywood movie starring a big name star, homes they didn’t think they could afford, their dream jobs, and their soulmates.

Now it’s your turn to take these lessons and manifest your own high-paying career, hot AF honey, or the wicked FUN you’ve been missing in your life with these same techniques.