Prosperity and poverty are simply 2 energies on opposites sides of the same spectrum. To move from one end of the spectrum requires a change in focus. Simple. Not always easy.


When you focus on the prosperity that already exists in your life, you begin to see more and more opportunities to bring it in over and over.
The “problem” lies in how deeply mire you are in poverty. If you are someone whose life experience has been more about not having your needs, me the choice to change your focus (and ye, it’s a a choice even when it doesn’t feel like it) becomes so much harder.

How do you make the choice?
One small action at a time.
Here are a few choices you can make. You may have other ideas that work better for you.
      • Gratitude
      • Journaling
      • Acknowledging where you are and letting the universe (and your mind and soul) know that you are now ready to to say Yes to a better and different experience
      • Remembering times when you felt good
      • Reading uplifting books
      • Music that makes you feel good
      • Daydreaming…(imagining, visualization)
      • Writing what you want your world to look like on a daily basis.

The key to this working great is to pick one thing, start doing it regularly and then add another and another and so on.
What happens is you will start creating a prosperous energetic environment and mind. It helps you to break the habit of poverty (yes, it can become a habit). If you keep it up, it can’t help but turn into a prosperous reality. And it will help you to create those changes with little to no self-sabatoge.

With Big Love and Lots of Mayhem