Resurrect Your Juju – Annual

$275.00 / year



Pay for the year up front (non-refundable) $275 (1-month free)

What happens when you have me as a line in your defense system:

You feel better because you have someone behind you clearing out the gunk for you
You manifest more and more easily and MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT because the lines of communication and action with the Universe are open and running smoothly
Your interactions with those you love will be more fulfilling and rewarding because you are present and not being sapped of energies that sometimes latch onto you, unbeknownst to you
You wake up feeling refreshed and vibing on the end of the spectrum that the Hermetic Laws require you to vibe on, in order to manifest the good stuff

The possible outcomes are literally limitless.

And the best part is, this won’t take any more of YOUR time. I won’t bother you with questions, emails, or details. I’ll just go in and handle your energy once a week, so that you are free and clear without further commitments.

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This is not a replacement for doing your physical, spiritual, emotional, and energetic work.

This is support that acts more like performance enhancing supplements…only it’s legal and not harmful!