$30K in 30 Days – Monthly

$30.00 / month



24kt Transformation

There’s no gold-plating here. We’re going for the 24kt gold standard in manifesting and we’re going to have some fun doing it.  Let’s create some mayhem and disrupt your mundane manifesting practice by doing something extraordinary.

Shoot for the moon!

Even if you miss, you land upon the stars.

What started out as a 30-Day Manifestation experiment has turned into an in-demand, on-going support forum to help members manifest to their maximum potential.

We began manifesting $30K in 30 days or something damn close to it…but it turned out so many manifested so much more than that.

Now, you can join us!

Strengthen your manifestation muscles using a proven method that I and my clients use to manifest hundreds of thousands of dollars, men that make us queens, and the MAYHEM that makes it all worth it.

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