*New Job

*New MAN

*All the income influx you can handle.

*You want to make money. But you also want to make a difference.

What you get when you join The Inner Empire: Money, Men, and MAYHEM is FUN, FUNDS, and FUCKERY – you know…the stuff that made life FUN before your subconscious said you needed to be SAFE.

This group is your manifesting DREAM.

You will no longer struggle with your self-worth issues and how you felt when Mom decided she didn’t have time to look at your painting when you were six.

This is where you learn to JUST SAY FUCKING YES.

It’s not hard. Especially with the weekly Paradigm Shifts you’ll have access to via Facebook Live.  “Hey Robin, what are weekly Paradigm Shifts?”  I’m really glad you asked.  These are live healing sessions that will be delivered every Wednesday at 10am or 8pm (NY time).  And before you ask, we call them that because Paradigm Shifts are what happens within 24hours of listening to or watching these sessions.

You’ll also find support from me and like-minded, non-judgmental people like YOU here.

When I say I miss having Mayhem in my life, I am not exaggerating. Part of the reason I joined Robin‘s group is because I NEED Mayhem and I don’t know if it’s the summer that’s sucked the life out of me or what. But I lost touch with a dream that pushed me to do stuff I needed to do to make ALL of my dreams come true. And in her group? In ONE answer, she relit EVERYTHING. HOLY FUCKING HELL. If you have a dream? You need to be in this fucking group. This is not about manifesting more money. Or filling your life with hot AF dudes. This is about FINDING YOU. Your dream is not dead. YOU are NOT FUCKING DEAD. THIS is how you set that shit on fire all over again.
Tania Dakka

Copywriter and Legend-Maker, Badass'D Digital Ink

Money, Men, Mayhem.

Create the life you want.

It’s only $47/month billed via paypal and can be canceled at any time.

Just say YES to building your Inner Empire TODAY.

What I have gotten out of this group is being connected to a phenomenal collection of women who bring their wisdom, experience, joy and genuineness. It’s a place to get real in a world that is plastic.
E. N.

I met Robin through my best friend and instantly fell in love with her. MMM is a fabulous group that feels like a secret sorority of witchy women who want more GOOD mayhem in their life. It’s a safe place to let it rip, and get called out on our stuff so we can fix it. Robin’s the best!
Dani Mage

Director of Magic , DaniMagestro.com