He’s everything you ever wanted…except he’s not yours…YET.

The money that you keep writing about every morning hasn’t shown up…YET.

And you keep dreaming the same dreams about a life of freedom and fun, but it hasn’t come…YET.

And it’s NOT because you’re broken. Or that there’s something wrong with your manifesting powers.
There’s nothing wrong with you or your ability to call in what you truly want.

Money, Men, and Mayhem, the Self-Study, is going to teach you, step-by-step, how to make your manifestation efforts work. FAST.
Because everything you have been taught is what’s broken. Not you.

This self-study is going to walk you through each facet of you that is working counter to your dreams and teach you EXACTLY what you need to do.

You’ll learn how I manifested the man of my dreams, who loves me and cares for me…and children that aren’t his, as if they are his own.

You’ll learn how I manifested a ton of debt…AND it’s payoff.

You’ll learn how I manifested a career that fills me deep in my soul, daily, allowing me to help women just like you learn to exhale, so that everything they want comes flooding in.

Big dreams are not out of reach. Nothing is off-limits…when you learn how to accept & exhale.

This self-study is THE course you need to manifest everything you were looking for:

  • A higher paying job
  • The top spot in your career
  • A relationship that actually makes you feel alive and vibrant
  • Anything else that you can dream of!

Once you learn the process that the gurus and New Age community doesn’t teach you? You will be unstoppable. Everything you want flows to you, easily and quickly.

In the Money, Men, and Mayhem Self-Study, you’ll:

  • Master YOU because if you only know you on the surface, you can’t manifest what you truly want beneath that first layer of you.
  • Uncover what you really want so that you can begin to focus on it, instead of what you thought you wanted.
  • Unlock the why because when you unlock the why, you literally pour FUEL on the fire of your dreams.
  • Discover the feelings you’re ACTUALLY looking for, so you can begin to work on making them happen before you even get the “thing”.
  • Learn that the acceptance of what is gives you the power to change the stuff you don’t want.
  • Master my method of dreaming so yours are supercharged and ready to work double time for you.

All this to learn to exhale. Amazing!


Module 1: Get to know the warrior goddess in you

Understanding who you really are at your core (you know, sometimes we think we know, then we find out we had no idea!) is key to unlocking the first door to letting the Universe flood you with gifts.

Module 4: What will you finally feel, Goddess?

Sometimes we don’t know how we expect to feel. Sometimes we know, but we don’t know HOW to feel it. You’re going to learn how you expect to feel (and how to start feeling it without having the “thing” yet!)

Module 2: Discover what the goddess in you TRULY wants

Find out what you really want…again…what you want may not be what you think you want. You just might be shocked at what you truly want when you’re done with this lesson.

Module 5: The hidden key that no one wants you to know

We get LOCKED on the “how”. That how is basically telling the Universe, “I don’t trust you”. And trust me…you don’t want to send that message. You’ll learn how to use the key that the gurus don’t like to teach to effectively magnetize the things that you want.

Module 3: Understand the WHY behind what you want, Warrior

The why is SOO important. And once you have the above two bits, this one falls into exactly the right place. Did you hear that? Another tumble locking into place for your manifesting!

Module 6: The final stage, Magic Visioning.

This is the fun part. But I teach my clients my own special formula for dreaming and visioning that throws all the above pieces together in the dream pot and pulls out the things you truly want at just the right time.

Each of these modules is crafted to help you do one thing: Exhale.

Because it’s when you get to this place in your thinking, nothing is ever forbidden from you.

It’s in the exhale that the doors of the Universe are flung wide open.

Meet the Teacher

Happy belongs to you. And it’s on its way. Whether it’s a man or money or the goodness of Mayhem…it’s yours. All you have to do is accept and exhale.

I’m Robin Badler, Emotional Demon Slayer and Manifestation Accelerator.

I work with women of power and presence who have heard the whispers long enough and are ready to shut them the hell up.

As a manifestor, I was able to wipe out $250K+ debt (that I actually manifested in the first place, more on that later), obtain new cars and houses all through the techniques I use in my life, every day.

I’ve also coached clients into…….
Some of the largest income months to date, an acting role in a Hollywood movie starring a big name star, homes they didn’t think they could afford, their dream jobs, and their soulmates.

Now it’s your turn to take these lessons and manifest your own high-paying career, hot AF honey, or the wicked FUN you’ve been missing in your life with these same techniques.

Common Questions

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered via a membership site. The course is meant to be self-paced and you’ll be given access to all modules as soon as you sign up.

How long will I have access to Money, Men, & Mayhem?

You have lifetime access to the program!

What is included in the course?

The course includes 6 modules, 7 module videos (approx 15 minutes each), and 6 fillable PDF worksheets.

What is your refund policy?

Since the program is delivered immediately, unfortunately it is non refundable.

Should an issue arise please get in touch with support at slaymydemons@robinjrosenhaus.com.

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