Demon Extractions leave clients with brand new leases on their lives. It shifts who they are and how they see themselves, allowing them to open up to new opportunities and new dreams.

This session is for you:

If you have nightmare after nightmare…
If your luck seems to be nothing but bad…
If, no matter, what you do, you can’t catch a break…

If your money keeps flying away, no matter how much positive action you take…
If you suffer with constant headaches…
If your aches and pains never seem to let up…
If no matter how many times you cut chords, the person or problem keeps coming back

If you need help manifesting that big ticket item
If you have an ailment that you can’t seem to heal
If you consistently experience anxiety or fear…
If you can’t get out of your funk (and you are not clinically depressed)…

I’m in no way suggesting that a demon clearing (curse removal, hex break) will solve all these problems. You’ll still have to take care of the practical stuff like checking with your doctor or financial advisor…however, if you have a negative entity or even negative spirit guide attached to you, the work you do will either be completely ineffective or it will only take you to a certain point.

Clients who’ve experienced these sessions have:

Turned relationships completely around for the better
Received large amounts of unexpected money
Gone from jobs they hate to opening successful businesses they adore
Been relieved of physical ailments

The results have been mind-blowing. Grab your Demon Extraction Session now and let’s start creating the life you want.

No one even remotely effective does this work for less than $350 and most charge thousands.

Your Investment is only $297

Includes: A 30-minute call with Robin to get clear on what’s going on and what you’d like to get from the session. After that, Robin will record your session and email it to you. Sessions are generally received within 48 hours of the original call.

You’ll be sent a link to schedule your appointment with your receipt.

Only $297

I’ve been working with energy workers for a few years and fascinated by the positive outcomes, the changes in beliefs and behaviors.

Looking at significant events in my life, then my parents, my husband and his parents I could see similarities. I don’t believe in coincidences.

A friend suggested I contact Robin to see if there was actually something more sinister at play. Trusting this friend, I booked in straight away, messaging Robin with my puzzle.

She contacted me straight away, letting me know there was a curse on my father’s side, and a demon on my husband’s side with similar energy.

I so enjoyed working with her. In my clearing, we were able to include my husband and 4 children, ensuring negative entities, curses, etc were removed. In the energy clearing, she was also able to remove ancient negative energy on the land we live on, as well as building we have been unable to rent despite being renovated!! My husband has been suffering from depression which she was able to also work with.

The past 2 mornings, I have woken singing.

I’m really excited to watch our future unfold as I know we made a right turn when I worked with Robin!! Katherine

OMG Robin Badler I had no PMS for the first time in years this month 😮 Thank you for balancing my hormones! 😁 💖 Anonymous

My first one on one session with Robin I can say without a doubt her magic is Life Changing.

The things she knew without me saying a word..blew my mind.

With permission she goes into those files and boxes in the mind of our past that keep trying to seep out and effect our present and future.

Having Robin Baddler as my hope and light is the BEST gift I have given myself. We have a lot of work ahead and for the first time in a long time I am looking forward to the future.

One week later and the blessings I am receiving are amazing.

My body is becoming mine again…I am steadily no longer being a prisoner and trapped. The pains and energy drain are disappearing and I am transforming.

Robin Badler my Glitter Sister not enough words to thank you for being on this Journey with me. Danni

Meet the Manifestation Accelerator
Happy belongs to you. And it’s on its way. Whether it’s a man or money or the goodness of Mayhem…it’s yours. All you have to do is accept and exhale.

I’m Robin Badler, Emotional Demon Slayer and Manifestation Accelerator.

I work with women of power and presence who have heard the whispers long enough and are ready to shut them the hell up.

As a manifestor, I was able to wipe out $250K+ debt (that I actually manifested in the first place, more on that later), obtain new cars and houses all through the techniques I use in my life, every day.

I’ve also coached clients into…….
Some of the largest income months to date, an acting role in a Hollywood movie starring a big name star, homes they didn’t think they could afford, their dream jobs, and their soulmates.

Now it’s your turn to take these lessons and manifest your own high-paying career, hot AF honey, or the wicked FUN you’ve been missing in your life with these same techniques.