LIES ABOUT MONEY (And the ACTUAL truth about getting more of it)

If you’ve spent any time in the new age, metaphysical or manifesting community…you have probably heard a kazillion perspectives on money and how to get to it.

Some are true, some are partly true and some are outright lies.

And that’s what I’m going to deal with right now. The lies.

To be fair…the people who share the information I’m referring to as lies, believe in what they’re saying. They’re not trying to pull the wool over your eyes for the purpose of getting your money or exalting them to guru status.

So let’s get something straight.

Money is a form of energy that’s used as a form of exchange. That’s all money is. It, in and of itself, in its purest form has no opinion, no desire, and no judgment.

That’s us. The humans with the brains and hearts. We attach emotion and desire and judgment to things.

So when you think about teachings like “Money loves speed”, you can see how untrue it is. Money isn’t really rewarding you for swift action.

However, what IS true is that when we take swift action towards our money goals, we increase the probability of making money faster. And the less time it takes, the more time we have available to make more money.

So, it’s not that money loves speed.

It’s more like quick decision making and acting on those decisions provides you with more time to create more money making opportunities…which often results in more money.

Money and Positive Energy

We also hear a lot people putting money and happiness (a form of positive energy) together. The more joyful and happy you are, the more money you’ll have. Be joy because money follows joy.

Really? Have you looked at some of the richest people in the world? They run the gamut from dudes who exude joy and positive energy like Richard Branson to Monsanto, which is…well not.

Branson owns over 400 companies and is worth over $5B. He established an initiative called Virgin Unite and are impacting the environment, communities, and people through their own works, as well as donations collected (they are all funded by Virgin and Branson, so 100% of donations go straight to the cause).

Excerpt from the document on what exactly Virgin Unite is creating change in.

Feels very positive, right? Branson, himself, is a very positive and happy man.

Then we have Monsanto, on the other hand, a company that has been in business since 1901, that is a well-known producer of chemicals that are being used to literally poison people. Of course, THEY don’t say that, but the evidence against the company severely outweighs any light they try to shine on what they do.

They’ve been found guilty in a $2.055B lawsuit that claims their chemicals are causing cancer in people who consume the foods that are treated with their chemicals. And there are volumes and volumes of evidence of cover up and conspiracy that are attached to the monster that is Monsanto.

So you can infer that money, here, could be interpreted as a “bad” energy.

But we know that these examples are not the whole picture.

Look at your own life. I bet you know or interact with a lot of people who have money and they, too, run the gamut of happy to downright miserable (a negative form of energy).

Yet, here’s what IS true: Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy the things that can create happiness. Like the plane ticket to go see your loved ones in Singapore. Or the expensive supplements that make it so you can participate in life instead of being bedridden.

It also provides peace of mind so you’re not constantly worrying about whether or not your going to get evicted or how you’re going to pay for your son’s college tuition.

So, please, please, please…the next time you hear a sound bite about money being attracted to this or that, remember, money is neutral.

It has no preferences.

What’s not neutral are our perceptions and judgments about how the money gets made and used.

That means, all the trying to force a vibe that you’re not feeling (aka high vibe, be happy (forever), etc) is NOT going to be what helps you bring in more of the energy of money.

It also means that money is not negative and you are not going to become evil for having it.


What all of this means is that in order to pull in more of this neutral energy that happens to afford you the luxuries you love, the power of philanthropy (if you choose), and peace of mind you long for, all you have to do is find your natural frequency. THAT is where the neutral  energy of money vibrates. And THAT’s how you call more of it in.

And THAT is the truth about money.

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This is More Important Than Vibration…And How to Maintain It

SO! We’re going to talk science for a sec. I hope you’ll forgive me, but it’s super important that you know why your “vibe” or your “vibration” isn’t all there is to consider when you’re trying to manifest the things your heart longs for.

There’s something more important than that.

It’s called FREQUENCY. Don’t let this scare you off – I’ll make it super easy for you to understand the root of how you get what you want.


Vibrations create waves.

Waves carry energy from one location to another.

The frequency is determined by how many waves (or vibrations) occur during a span of time.

When two or more waves hit and combine with each other, interference is created.

Constructive interference happens when the waves combine and the amplitude is increased.

Destructive interference happens when the waves combine and the amplitude is decreased.

In terms of sound, frequency relates to pitch.

Amplitude relates to loudness.

All material objects can vibrate to make a sound.

All material objects  (including people) vibrate at a particular frequency, this is known as their natural frequency.

When you push something to vibrate beyond its natural frequency, it breaks (think of a guitar string that’s too tight).

If you push something to vibrate at its natural frequency and at the right rhythm, it gets louder and vibrates faster.

Pushing something at its natural frequency is resonance.

So, let’s say you’re playing music and the vase across the room starts vibrating. That means, in that moment, the frequency of the sound waves in the music matched the natural frequency of the vase and the vase resonated (vibrated) with increased amplitude.


And we already know when your frequency is too low, it’s hard to manifest and it’s hard to have the quality of life you desire.


When your frequency is too high you have the same problems.

You’re too far out of tune with your natural frequency.

(Back to guitar strings for a sec.)

They need to be tuned all the time. They need to be tuned if you play a lot. They need to be tuned if the guitar sat in its case or on its stand for a day or more. Or if you’ve traveled with it and it’s been knocked around the case.


Because its environment impacts the strings making them too taught or too loose thereby throwing it off it’s natural frequency.

Then, you think of notes and chords…they don’t all sound good together. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with the chords or notes, it’s simply that they don’t resonate. They aren’t on the same frequency.

All of this can be applied to people, their energy fields and how they interact with each other.

You have to be on the same frequency in order to resonate with others or with the things you want. And, just like the guitar, your environment impacts your frequency. So, you need to be “tuned” (cleared) every day.

If your significant other had a bad day at work, that sludge can cause your frequency to get out of resonance with the things you love.

If you had a really GOOD day of closing sales, you can get so high that you become out of tune, too! Did you know that? Think back to times when you’ve been hit with a dopamine high and all you wanted to do was celebrate, rather than take the next action.

Eventually, you came down and took action, but not until that dopamine had run its course and you were back into your own natural frequency.

Even if the NEWS comes on of some poor shark whose tail was removed by heartless assholes…just for the fun of it…you can be pulled out of attunement.

And if you’re an empath and LIVE with a sage bundle by your bed, you KNOW how these things affect your emotions.  

So, your sweet spot isn’t about being “high vibe” like a lot of the new age community suggests.

Your sweet spot is about being at YOUR natural frequency. The frequency at which the things YOU love and desire vibrate.


And the closer you are to your natural frequency the better quality of life you will have.


Clear daily. Twice a day if you are so inclined. It won’t hurt.

Listen to Solfeggio frequencies (lots available on Youtube).

Spend time in nature.

Spend time with animals.

Set the intention to be your natural frequency everyday

5 Signs Your Manifesting Needs a Boost (and how to boost it)

5 signs that the path to your goals (aka manifesting) needs a little boost:

  1. Doing the same things over and over again and getting nowhere.

    When you have been trying the same magic and the same manifesting over and over again, asking for the same $10,000 a month, and you are not able to shift things so that you can actually have it…your manifesting needs a swift kick in the pants.

  2. Feeling sad, down, depressed because you can’t call in what you’ve been working SO hard for.

    When your emotions are lower than usual because you’ve been working to call in a new job, but nothing is giving and you can’t get out of the funk to help boost your manifesting efforts, then you likely need the roads to what you want opened up for you.

  3. Trying everything under the sun to reach a goal, but nothing works (and yet, it’s working for everyone else).

    When you are working to change the landscape of your life with a new relationship, a new perspective, a new lease on life, a bigger bank account, and you’ve done it ALL, from manifesting to using magic, clearing and energy work, but NOTHING is helping you create the life you are trying to manifest…you need your frequencies realigned, hexes and curses removed, and your energy squarely set on course to what you want.

    (Don’t forget, if you want it…there’s a path to it…we just have to set you on the right road to it.)

  4. KNOWING in your soul that you have the ability to have it all, but can’t figure out a way to get to it.

    When you can feel, with every fiber of your being that you what you want is JUST outside your grasp, and you know for a fact that it’s possible because you see other people have it!, then you know you need a new road to open up for you with a Road Opener.

  5. Being open to the clarity that has yet to show up, no matter how much you try.

    When you are struggling to keep your head above water, but cannot, for the life of you, see what you are looking for to help you manifest the money, the men, or the mayhem you long for, you need a Road Opener to help you clear away that fog.

If you’re experiencing any or all of this, part of your energy is on board with what you’re trying to achieve.

But there’s something in your way and it could be YOUR own energy (divided will and all that) OR it could be someone online or in your circle preventing you from moving forward…it happens…a lot…especially in today’s environment.

It could also be a hex, a curse, trapped emotions or just misaligned values.

The key? Is to clear all of that.

And it’s going to take more than sage.

Here’s what’s more than sage: link and the doors are closing THIS WEEK! SO jump in NOW and let’s power up your manifesting with a swift kick in the pants!

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[FREE TRAINING ARTICLE] How to stop procrastinating and manifest your dreams now

If you procrastinate, you’re in great company. It’s one of the most common problems I see with my clients and it’s probably one of the biggest dream killers I’ve seen in all my years of teaching manifesting and doing healing and coaching work.

Last year my clients manifested over $11 million plus houses, relationships, dream jobs, and more. It was really amazing.

But not everyone had that kind of success.

So what was the difference between the people who manifested homes, dream jobs, and money and those who were manifesting parking spots and winning $5 on a scratch off?

It had nothing to do with who had more resources, who was smarter, or even who felt worthy. Quite a few clients who went through programs like $30k in 30 Days, Make It Rain, and I’m Having It Anyway didn’t have much money, were fearful, had low self esteem, and did not believe they could have what they wanted in any way, shape or form.

But they got what they wanted anyway because they were implementers and action takers. And they were able to take action because they were going for the “right” goal.

What I mean by “right” is they were emotionally connected with their desires, they were working towards something that meant more to them than their fears. It meant more than their lack of confidence, it meant more to them than all the reasons why they shouldn’t go after it or won’t be able to have it.

That’s the antidote to procrastination. Seriously, it’s that simple…but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Most people set goals and go after desires that don’t mean anything to them even though they think it does.

Let’s take money, for example. Money is probably one of the most common goals, desires that I see people go for and time after time I see them fail no matter what method they’re using.

Here’s why.

When we looked deeper and heard their stories and what’s really going on in their lives, we discovered the majority of time, they didn’t actually want money.

They wanted it, but not enough to sit in the discomfort, not enough to remain motivated when things get tough.

What they really wanted, were things money could buy or things they thought money could buy. 

For example a lot of people say they want money because they want security and feel money is the way to get it. But it’s not always the way. And they know this on some level.

If that sounds like you, if you have time after time tried to manifest the big stuff and were unsuccessful, you’re one of the reasons Unlocked was born.

Unlocked is a four step process that will:

~ help you to absolutely without a shadow of a doubt, determine what it is that you actually really want. What it is that you want so much that you are willing to get uncomfortable with

~ and show you how to stay motivated so that once you put that desire out to the universe, you can stay on track and get and have what you actually want.

The beauty is those four steps are simple, easy to implement, and practical.

And it’s only a four week class so you don’t use up all your energy trying to show up in class, for the Facebook group, doing the homework, reading your PDFs and feel like you have no time and energy left for your action steps.

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People who I have worked with personally on manifesting have been able to manifest:

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  3. Unicorn jobs where their employer actually listens to their concerns AND pays them well
  4. Vacations they shouldn’t have been able to take
  5. Money, definitely money, much of the time from unexpected places

Simply because they found the keys to manifesting.

Isn’t it time you did, too?

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I know this chick and she knows how to stack the odds in her favor

Everything will change when you have the power of YOUR OWN MIND in your hands.

Until now, you’ve been working to manifest what you believe you want. You’ll learn the process you can use to never mistake what you THINK you want with what YOUR SOUL REALLY WANTS ever again.

What that means is that you will learn to stack the odds of successful manifesting in your favor.

It means: 
Less manifesting frustration because you “almost” got what you were working for 

Manifesting success more often because you’ve actually learned how to align what you want with what your soul and the universe are able to open up for you 

Fewer roadblocks and self-sabotaging behaviors that tend to shut down success

In this class, you’re going to learn and practice:

Validating your desires BEFORE beginning to manifest so you can clearly see what your chance of success is OR if you need to tweak and adjust before putting your manifesting muscle to work

How to troubleshoot your manifesting process so that if something isn’t working, you will know what to do to shift gears and make it work 

Getting around all the ways that we tend to block our own manifesting process. 

And how to keep going, even when you think you can’t have what you want.

This is THE most foundational course on manifesting I’ve ever taught and I am so electrified with the information that you are going to hold in your hands…knowing it is worth at least 5 times the investment of this class.

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Have you ever done this??

The more choices we have to make, the more fear is involved. It could be fear of missing out, fear that you’ve made the wrong choice, fear that you aren’t good enough to make the decision. 

How many times have you argued with your spouse about deciding on where to eat? Because you didn’t want to choose (in case he didn’t like your choice), or you felt like it’s not your place to choose (this time), etc. 

Or have you ever gone to a restaurant that has an 8-page menu and placed your order, only to see everyone else’s food on the table and wonder if you made the right choice? “Damn it! Why didn’t I order the steak??? Shit.” 

All the same thing. 

And guess what. 

The one thing I’ve noticed in my years of teaching manifesting is how stressful it is for clients to choose what they’re going to manifest. 

And that keeps them from manifesting anything bigger than a parking spot or a prize at the tricky tray. 

The thing is, you can’t manifest if you don’t choose something and then commit to manifesting that something. 

Questioning whether or not it’s the right thing, procrastinating, and worrying will do nothing more than mess with your self-esteem and add to your belief that you’re great at manifesting the little things but suck at calling in the things that matter.

Like extra money for a new washer/dryer. Or the extra time off so you can go on vacation with your family. Or the new house you’ve been wanting.

You don’t have to go through that anymore. 

UNLOCKED: Master the Four Steps That Are the Basis of ALL Successful Manifestation

These are steps I haven’t shared with anyone before and in this four-week class, you’ll learn: 

Lesson 1. FOMO, What if, and Knowing What’s Right for YOU
Learn the specialized process that teaches you how to discern exactly the right target to manifest so that you know, without a doubt, that you made the right choice. No mo’ FOMO, wondering what if’s, trying to change your target in the middle of your process, or forgetting what you were trying to manifest in the first place.

Lesson 2. Do you know why??
Discover the trick to maintaining the one thing that wanes about half way through the process and makes you doubt and throw temper tantrums because what you were manifesting hasn’t shown up yet. 

Lesson 3. Can I have my Unicorn Now?
When you know the Universe is infinite and anything is possible, it’s easy to fall into the fantasy trap, which makes manifesting almost impossible! This lesson keeps that from happening, helps you understand what to do instead. 

Lesson 4. THE Manifesting MAGIC
Good-bye to “I can’t do that!”, “I’ll do it later” and “OMG!”, the voices in your head, and more.

This lesson covers THE one thing that every one of us has been guilty of that prevents manifestation and what you have to do instead. Period. 

4-Live Classes via Zoom (and recordings) (first class is May 16 at 8pm NY time)
4- Written Lessons
Facebook group 

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Without these four steps, no one’s process, no matter what it is, can work. SOOOO….

The demons that do the most damage to your life and business

The demons that do the most damage to your life and business

People who do the work are going through some big challenges right now.

And there’s a common assumption that if we do the work, then we are not going to be one of the statistics where bad things happen to good people.

Frankly, that one of the most dangerous demons ever.

Check out the explanation why and what you can do about it:

*note: the video starts a minute or two in because I was interrupted by a phone call and you don’t need to hear the phone ringing on video…it was really loud.

Oops. I almost forgot to tell you this

Deep lasting change isn’t something that comes easy or overnight. But imagine if it DID come with someone by your side, helping you through it…for less than the cost of eating out.

The Inner Empire is my Private Facebook group where we support each other through Real change. It’s a place where you’ll see yourself for who you really are and be able to use that to get what you want.

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In the Inner Empire, you’ll get daily journal prompts to help you mine your mind for the habits and thinking that steps in your way when you try to create change, weekly lives (aka Paradigm Shifts) to help guide you through the energy of the universe as you learn to think in ways that support the changes you want to make, exclusive content to keep you on track and shifting, and access to coaching from me as well some badass women who’ve been doing the work.

Let me tell you, these ladies are kicking butt, taking names (usually limiting beliefs) and stomping them out to oblivion.

We’ve seen:

Women who were trapped in family cycles of emotional abuse STOP that abuse in their tracks and REVERSE damage that had been done to the family
Women who were sexually abused face and face down their abusers

Women who never thought they could be good at mothering become mothers that are able to step outside of themselves and do the impossible for their kids

Women who were stuck in money behaviors that kept them broke to create success for themselves…FINALLY!

Women move to their ideal living situations on the shores of the country

And so much more.

In short? We have watched and walked with these women as they have created the Empires they longed to create.

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“I’m successful in actually taking this time for myself, since before now, I would never have done it without a huge amount of mental struggle. I am still working, still journaling, but physically im taking downtime”

“Woooooohoooooo! Fantastic news! Rosenhaus effect is miraculous!”

“The possibilities are endless, especially since I let go of the anger”

“I find I manifest just by being around you!”

Step into The Inner Empire and own your Truth. The first thing you’ll discover is the lies are way scarier than your Truth will ever be.

Disclaimer:  We do like to have fun in here. If pictures of Jason Momoa or Dwayne Johnson without their shirts on offend you, this may not be the place for you.

Have you noticed anything like this?

With all the craziness that goes on in the world, when things go wrong, it’s hard to know why. If you have an ongoing situation that you can’t seem to resolve, there’s a good chance you have a boatload of negative energy attached to you and it’s keeping you from being able to get to the other side of things.

And no, you don’t have negative energy attached because you’re a bad person. And it might not even be a result of a specific person. Believe it or not, it could be environmental.

Whatever the reason, it needs to be gone so you can get on with life without the onslaught of “bad luck”, speeding tickets, illnesses, suffocating debt, not enough money coming in to pay that debt and more.

So, let’s talk about the signs that could be showing up for you so that you’re sure you’re in the right place.

Signs you might need a personal demon extraction:

If you have nightmare after nightmare…

If your luck seems to be nothing but bad…

If, no matter, what you do, you can’t catch a break…

If your money keeps flying away, no matter how much positive action you take…

If you suffer with constant headaches, aches or pains that never seem to let up…

If everything seems hard or simple things always take longer than they used to…

If you have an autoimmune disease like fibromyalgia…

If you consistently experience anxiety or fear…

If you can’t get out of your funk (and you are not clinically depressed)…

If you’re tired and exhausted and there’s no logical reason

If life is boring the shit out of you

If you no longer enjoy the things you used to enjoy

If this is you, get your personal Demon Extraction here.

Signs your home might need a demon extraction:

If things go bump in the night

If appliances keep breaking

If plants won’t grow even though you have a green thumb

If you and your husband (or kids) are arguing more than usual for no apparent reason

If things just feel “off”

If constant plumbing and water issues that the pros can’t figure out

If electrical issues that won’t go away

If you or the kids are having constant nightmares

If your pets are acting weird

If things go bump in the night for no reason

If odd smells show up out of nowhere and you can’t find the source

If you can’t sell your home no matter what you do

If this is you, get your home Demon Extraction here.

Signs your business might need a demon extraction:

If you are burnt out and exhausted

If your luck seems to be nothing but bad

If no matter what you do, you can’t catch a break

If your money keeps flying away, no matter how much positive action you take

If you’re attracting a slew of the wrong type of client or are experiencing a high rate of “no shows”

If your client flow dried up

If no matter how many times you cut cords, the person or problem keeps coming back

If you need help manifesting new business

If you’re launching a new product or program

If people steal or copy your ideas

If things are hard all the time

If your business is no damn fun anymore

If this is you get your Demon Extraction for Entrepreneurs here.

And if you have a combination of the above or some other special circumstance, email me at with a brief description of what’s going on so I can suggest a personalized session and pricing to suit your specific needs.

Prime your home and biz for da MONEY, Baby!

SOOOO, you know how we send out positive vibes so that we GET the good stuff back, right? But. That doesn’t work alone. 


They forgot to tell you that in spirituality 101, didn’t they? 

Well. You have to cleanse your space – A LOT – and you have to protect it, too. 

But one of the biggest mistakes I see people making when it comes to that stuff is believing that clearing/cleansing/purification, protecting, and bringing in positive energy are interchangeable.

They absolutely are not…and that causes a lot of problems. Like a lot, lot. 

Because if you’re just being positive, and you’re still being attacked by negative thoughts, energies, or entities, your positive energy is usurped before it makes it out of your space!

So let’s talk about this for a minute…

Let’s say your car is a mess. It’s the end of some heavy rainstorms and it’s filthy. There’s caked on mud inside and out. You want it all shiny and bright and feeling good again. So what do you do?

  • Wash and vacuum it….this is the equivalent to cleansing/clearing/purification
  • Apply a protectant like wax. This makes it so the dirt doesn’t stick as quickly and rain beads off….this is the equivalent to protection
  • Hang a deodorizer from the mirror so the car smells like suntan oil and reminds you of tropical vacations….this is the equivalent to calling in positive energy

Now, you’re not going to hang the deodorizer (bring in the positive energy) in hopes that will wash off the caked on mud (purify) cuz you know that ain’t gonna work.

And if you put wax over the caked on mud and road dust (protect), it might keep things from getting worse but it’s not going to get the car clean.

And, no matter what you do, your car will get dirty again. Let’s face it, wax is not going to protect your car from bird poop. The same holds true for your energy. 

But people make this same mistake with themselves, their homes, and businesses. Protection is ineffective unless you’ve cleansed first. And bringing in positive energy is nice, but it, too, is ineffective if you  have a lot of caked on mud (negative thoughtforms, curses, negative entities).  And it needs to be maintained.

Something you can do to help maintain things is grow herbs or shrubs that support your efforts. Keep in mind, these are not the same as having someone clear, protect, and uplift the energy…but they definitely support the work.

Rosemary (I call this exorcism in a plant)

Rosemary (yup, this is a 2 for 1 plant)
Juniper (another 2fer)
Raspberry leaf

Positive energy:
Basil (this is all about home, business, and money-money)
Lemon Balm

The next step is daily energy clearings which you can do yourself. Sage is most people’s go-to for this. This is made even more effective if you are part of Resurrect Your Juju. Those are weekly group energy clearing and protection sessions. $25/month gets weekly sessions for you, your family, home and business. 

And finally, the big Kahuna. Monthly or Bi-monthly Demon Extractions. If it’s for you or your home, get this one. If you are a business owner, get this one.

So, just like your car, you need that regular cleansing and protection to keep the energy of you, your family, your home and your business sparkling and allowing all the positive vibes to radiate, calling in more serenity and abundance than you’ve ever experienced. 

Ready for it??