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What do when the energy is wonky

Yesterday was such a crazy day energy-wise that you may still be feeling the effects of it.  Here's what you can do: Prayer, Meditation, Petitions, Call in the Angels….choose the method you connect with best Grounding  essential oil...Cedarwood is great or Valor from...

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This is about change

This is about change. And it's scary. People don't like change. How many essays have you read by people like Seth Godin about this exact topic? Carl Jung's entire life's work is about how people don't like to change. They want to EXPERIENCE change, they just don't...

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Have you ever done this??

The more choices we have to make, the more fear is involved. It could be fear of missing out, fear that you’ve made the wrong choice, fear that you aren’t good enough to make the decision. How many times have you argued with your spouse about deciding on where to eat?...

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Oops. I almost forgot to tell you this

Deep lasting change isn’t something that comes easy or overnight. But imagine if it DID come with someone by your side, helping you through it...for less than the cost of eating out. The Inner Empire is my Private Facebook group where we support each other through...

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Have you noticed anything like this?

With all the craziness that goes on in the world, when things go wrong, it’s hard to know why. If you have an ongoing situation that you can’t seem to resolve, there’s a good chance you have a boatload of negative energy attached to you and it’s keeping you from being...

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Prime your home and biz for da MONEY, Baby!

SOOOO, you know how we send out positive vibes so that we GET the good stuff back, right? But. That doesn’t work alone. Nope. They forgot to tell you that in spirituality 101, didn’t they? Well. You have to cleanse your space - A LOT - and you have to...

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Crush It, Even On Shit Days

JK Rowling, Mel Robbins, Richard Branson. All high-achievers who put their heads down and grind until their jobs are done. What about you? You know you have the potential to be one of those high-achievers...IF you could stop judging yourself for working the way you...

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