24kt Transformation

There’s no gold-plating here. We’re going for the 24kt gold standard in manifesting and we’re going to have some fun doing it.  Let’s create some mayhem and disrupt your mundane manifesting practice by doing something extraordinary.

Shoot for the moon!

Even if you miss, you land upon the stars.

What started out as a 30-Day Manifestation experiment has turned into an in-demand, on-going support forum to help members manifest to their maximum potential.

We began manifesting $30K in 30 days or something damn close to it…but it turned out so many manifested so much more than that.

Now, you can join us!

Strengthen your manifestation muscles using a proven method that I and my clients use to manifest hundreds of thousands of dollars, men that make us queens, and the MAYHEM that makes it all worth it.

Here is my grand total, $266,677.26!

Thank you for so much more than the dollar number above…I had amazing things occur that involved my personal value and helping me to show up in this world my authentic…amazing and true self…and clearing out all the negative so I can welcome in the positive…it has been absolutely mind blowing…you are such a blessing and I am so grateful to have you on this Journey…Thank you.

Danni Thorpe, ActiWithDani.com


And while I can’t guarantee that you will manifest $30k in 30 days, I can tell you that you WILL:

•Learn how to work with a really cool magical tool that will amplify your intentions.
•Learn a repeatable process that will blow your mind with its simplicity and power.
•Be part of a supportive Facebook group comprised of people who want to succeed and to help you succeed.
•Receive coaching from me, a certified Sacred Money Archetypes Coach and Master Manifestor.
•Get discounts on 24Kt Clarity Sessions and other programs and offerings

All for the ridiculous cost of $30/month. But as any former participant will tell you, the value you get inside for that is closer to $300.

And the reason why is that I am driven to put success tools in the hands of as many people as possible. This is the most powerful $30 you will spend each month, as the money you bring in grows.

Details Details

Each month, we are going to embed the processes that are involved in the next three steps in our brains and hearts. We are going to do this on full blast. There’s no dancing around these steps.

Step 1 Accept & Acknowledge

  • You don’t have to feel worthy to have what you want. (I promise!)
  • Exhale

Step 2 Feel it baby

  • Say Yes
  • Discover your driving force

Step 3 It’s all about the Magic

  • Using magical tools in your manifesting practice
  • Putting it all together
  • When: This is an ongoing support group now, so join as soon as you feel the Universe twisting your ear!
  • Where: The magic & mayhem happens in our secret Facebook group with daily money exercises, instructions and weekly Clarity sessions delivered via FB Lives within the group. All sessions will be recorded and available for you to view in the FB Group at your convenience.


You have two options to sign up:

#1 Monthly subscription service $30/month that can be canceled at any time


#2 Pay for the year up front (non-refundable) $330 (1-month free)

When I signed up for Robin Badler’s 30K in 30 days course, I honestly had huge amounts of reservations. I have previously done at least three money courses with three big name money people. Robin Badler blows them all out of the water!! First of all, she absolutely over delivers on content, consistency, and guidance. Robin presents so much life changing information I think it should be required information for people as they become adults!  In all of those other money courses, I never had an increase in income or opportunity. Because of the information, content, method of delivery, and Robin’s amazing energy I had an increase of income on a massive level as a result of this course. I manifested brand new furniture, and made a very clear profit while opening a brand new business (which is fairly unheard of).  I believe that this course has eliminated the negative programming of growing up poor, and has allowed me to step into my power and knowing of how to call money in! Robin Badler is the real deal and knows how to manifest money! I wish everyone I know would work with her!

Jenn Bovee, JennBovee.com

Shame Busting Coach

And that proof is in the well-over $3,000,000 we manifested in the $30K in 30 Days Manifesting Experiment we held in the first two rounds!

Last day today is it? And I had an unexpected $250 land in my account 🙂

I have been quieter in here over the last couple of weeks but I thought a summary would be useful, as what has been brought into my life is not what I expected but very much what I needed.

So all up I received $1537 in cash. However, over the course of this month, I have received more financial support other than just cash. The biggest is that my husband and I have agreed that I will remain at home for the next two months with our son and I won’t return to work until after we get back from our o/s trip in August.

This is a huge, huge thing for me in many ways. My husband and I have had some really positive, honest conversations about money and future goals. And I have been able to articulate how important this time with our son has been for me and how I need a little more of this – this isn’t something I have been really able to express until now. Or let myself admit. And my son has given both my husband and I (unprompted) feedback about how wonderful it has been for him to have one of us there for him at home, after school etc instead of both of us being at work all hours.

So the cold, hard cash is just one part of what I have received this month. Robin Badler – I don’t know how I can quantity or express the value of this month for you but it isn’t just $. It’s a shift in my relationship with money. Allowing my husband to support me for the next little while is a big thing. And this is to the benefit of all my family and my own personal well being. Thank you xxx

Michelle A.

Meet Your Coach

Happy belongs to you. And it’s on its way. Whether it’s a man or money or the goodness of Mayhem…it’s yours. All you have to do is accept and exhale.

I’m Robin Badler, Emotional Demon Slayer and Manifestation Accelerator.

I work with women of power and presence who have heard the whispers long enough and are ready to shut them the hell up.

As a manifestor, I was able to wipe out $250K+ debt (that I actually manifested in the first place, more on that later), obtain new cars and houses all through the techniques I use in my life, every day.

I’ve also coached clients into…….
Some of the largest income months to date, an acting role in a Hollywood movie starring a big name star, homes they didn’t think they could afford, their dream jobs, and their soulmates.

Now it’s your turn to take these lessons and manifest your own high-paying career, hot AF honey, or the wicked FUN you’ve been missing in your life with these same techniques.

When this first started our business was only booked out with approximately 3 weeks worth of work. We are now booked out for approximately 11 weeks with a proposal out for another 6-week job!

For me as an herbalist, I was paid for the last 4 weeks to guide someone through a severe case and I made her an herbal remedy. Other than the average upper respiratory, cold or virus this is the first time I handled something severe. But she chose me and I let it happen and she just requested that I make it for another 2 months. I got paid well for it all. I also had 2 requests for an oil I make for pain which takes three days to create. I am getting paid well for those also even though my first response was no….I stopped myself in my tracks. As an herbalist my first thought is always, you don’t want me I’m not good enough yet. I am shifting that mindset.

My head has been stuck in survival and desperation for a very long time. I have had days and days of freedom from that. Although I still have huge medical bills in front of me I am not living in panic, I just have moments of it. I am open to any miracle that may happen and am a yes. It is also rubbing off on my husband. When we have money the three of us are fun and light. This is what I miss the most. Well, the security is what I miss the most. But…the best part has been figuring out how to be fun and light while we are working toward having financial excess instead of letting life pass us by while we suffer.


FAQ’s for $30k in 30 Days

Do I have to attend live?

No, everything will be recorded and stored in the Facebook group.

How much time will I need to invest daily?

That’s up to you. There may be some assignments that are a little more involved and would take longer to complete and you might choose not to do them. On the other hand, you may be so connected with one of the shorter assignments that you spend tons of time on this.

Will I really get $30,000 in 30 Days?

You absolutely could. It’s possible and I’ve seen it happen. And, it’s not something I can or will guarantee because manifesting is a very personal process. Remember, this is an experiment. While I’ll be sharing and coaching  you through a process that has worked for me and my clients, this is the time for you to discover what works for you and what doesn’t.

Will this be fun?

I’m going to do my best to make it so.