3 Steps to help you overcome resistance today!

Aug 26, 2019emotions, money, personal power

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The core of human (emotional) suffering is the denial of what is. (How’s that for some light reading? LOL)


Seriously, we humans make things worse for ourselves because we spend so much time fighting against what is rather than accepting it so it can be dealt with.


When you fight something, you give it power. You are saying that it’s so powerful, you need to wage war on it.


And while I hate war, sometimes there is a need for it…but not when it comes to what’s going on in your emotional world.


Let’s say you just went through a bad break up. You were really into this person, were making plans for the future and out of the blue he/she said, “it’s over.” That they were in love with someone else and they were moving on.


You’re going to be pissed, hurt, sad and confused. You’re going to grieve. You’ll start the negative self-talk…and wonder what you did “wrong”. 


You might try to get this person back. Call them for help with little things you can do yourself. At the same time, you’ll likely be replaying “the break up” over and over in your mind.


This is pretty normal behavior…but there comes a point in time where you choose to continue with the behavior rather than get on with your life. 


I’m not saying there’s an expiration on grief…but if it’s taking over your life, you are resisting the way things are. You are not dealing with your new life. 


You’re denying your current situation, letting it run you and setting yourself up for more pain and self-fulfilling prophecies of failure.


Essentially, you are at war with your current circumstances. And it’s a war you can’t win.


So let’s end that war. 

  1. Acknowledge and accept your current circumstances. You don’t have to like them. But until you acknowledge and accept them, they will be running your life. You will have given your power over to the situation causing you to feel helpless and victimized.
  2. Acknowledge and accept your feelings. If you’re grieving, allow for the grieving but also remember that you have a life to live beyond this. No one is asking you to become Pollyanna, but if you let the grief run your entire life, you’ll forever be tied to the death of the relationship. (and please don’t think I’m suggesting this is an easy thing to do, but do it, you must)
  3. Now, you can start planning. Now you can start taking small actions to reclaim to your life or even build a new one the way you love as much or more.

While I chose to use relationships as an example here, this applies to everything. Whether it’s your job situation, your business, your living situation, your health, your finances. 


If you were in financial straits and only either stuck your head in the sand so you could ignore it or complained about it without trying to fix it so you could deny it, it would continue to go downhill until it exploded.


And resistance like this leaves energetic scars. And those scars can cause you to get stuck or feel blocked. And that creates an invisible ceiling in many areas of your life.


Which is why you need to join us for this month’s Road Opener. We’re clearing away the energetic gunk that built that ceiling so you can move on and have the quality of life you desire.


Our main focus will be on busting through your financial ceiling, but the work we’ll be doing applies to all areas of your life. 


So let’s bust through your ceiling so you can open the road to a life with less suffering and more joy, love, money, and satisfaction. (and yes, I’m very much mixing my metaphors LOL)


It’s happening online on August 29th and there will be a recording if you want to open the road in front of you, but can’t be there live!

Full details are here


See you on the 29th!