Understand your past, present and future when it comes to money and understand what it takes to make manifesting easier for YOU. 
It all starts with this quiz. 

There is just that little part of you that says,

“This can’t be it. It can’t be. 

I FEEL it.

There’s more for me and I absolutely fucking know it. So why can’t I have it?”

You can.

All you have to do is ACCEPT.

I’m Robin Badler, Emotional Demon Slayer for women of power and presence who know this can’t be all there is.

From men to running your own business, I see and help you slay the demons that keep you awake at night, sobbing into your pillow.

All you have to do is Accept. And EXHALE. I promise.

That’s how I manifested the man of my dreams, paid off mountains of debt, and run a successful business that sets my soul on absolute FIRE.

Now? We’re going to do the same for you.

Together, we’ll hunt down and slay every negative thought and emotion you have about yourself and your situation so the only thing standing between you and the life you truly want?


Because this is NOT all there is.

You’ll see.

(PS? Don’t let the pretty colors around here fool you, glitter slays as many demons as swords do.)


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