7 Signs That Your Energy Is Being Affected By Outside Influences

And What To Do About It

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I’m an energetic bushwhacker for accelerated business results.


I work with high performing entrepreneurs from all over the world who are either no longer getting the results they want or they’ve hit an income wall. They’ve tweaked their systems, tried new strategies and tactics, hired and fired employees and nothing is working. Every day feels like there’s something else, another fire to put out, technical glitches with the launch it’s taken them months to put together, and for every step forward, they’re taking two steps back.

So what I do is work with them on the energy of their business to remove the struggle, make sure their business is optimized for consistent profits and so that they create results with flow and ease again. 

 As a result they get the profits they knew were possible, the space they need to breathe, get connected with themselves again, have more time for family and actually enjoy it, and rekindle their passion for their work all without hindering their ability to be a top performer or sacrificing all they’ve worked for.